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    Skill week 11#: Woodcutting results


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    Skill week 11#: Woodcutting results

    Post by Thy42 on Sun Feb 08, 2015 9:28 am

    Our 11th skill week has now ended, and we have our winner(s)! Our winner is...

    Me! I gathered 678,986 experience through the week!

    Our runners up are:

    Ketch with a 451,045 experience gained!

    and The Neo Nite with 358,500 experience gained!

    Honorable mention to Alfalfuh with a close 4th place with 326,650 experience gained!

    Congratulations to our winners and thank you all for participating! It was fun, and we got some very impressive gains this week, I must say! Stay tuned for another poll 1 week from today (well, next friday). Very Happy

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