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    Skill Week #11: Woodcutting


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    Skill Week #11: Woodcutting Empty Skill Week #11: Woodcutting

    Post by Thy42 on Sat Jan 31, 2015 4:04 pm

    Hello, and, welcome to Dusk's 11th skill week! This week it's Woodcutting! I expect this one to be even more competitive as last week, as most people tend to find wc bearable if not enjoyable, I know personally it's my favorite skill so expect to see me put up a high number, I won the first WC week Razz

    The competition will begin at 5 PM GMT (17:00) or Noon EST (12:00) on Saturday, January 31st. The competition will end exactly 1 week from these times. Apologies on being a day late, I thought today was Thursday but apparently I can't be trusted with keeping track of that sort of thing. It's on my calendar now on my phone.

    The competition can be found here:

    To begin this event, log out ingame and then click "update" after selecting your name on the competition list after the event begins, so as to be sure that your gains are being tracked right away!

    To continue to see your updated exp, you will have to do this throughout the week, whenever you please. Staff members will be going through and clicking update on people we know are competing as well. So, if you'd like for us to click your name every now and then, just tell us ingame or post in this thread.

    Please tell me ASAP if your name is not on the list.

    Best of luck to everyone, and have fun!

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    Skill Week #11: Woodcutting Thy42

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