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    The Tournament Arena


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    The Tournament Arena Empty The Tournament Arena

    Post by Sentai on Sun Jul 12, 2015 4:36 am

    Maxed stats, any gear you want and intense battles all wrapped up in one update. The tournament arena is here and available for ALL RuneScape members to enjoy!

    You can access the tournament arena by logging into worlds 352, 353 or 357. They are the perfect place to gather up a group of friends and test your skill. With maxed accounts and your pick of the best gear, everything comes down to skill.

    When you log into one of these worlds, you will find the following:

    • Your account will be buffed to max stats.
      Your account will have completed all quests and achievement diaries.
      You will have access to unlimited tournament supplies which include almost every piece of desirable PvP gear and equipment.
      You will need two teams of five in order to start a war. No less, no more.
      You will be unable to leave the clan wars area.
      Your progress on tournament arena worlds will NOT transfer to normal worlds.

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