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    Mick's application


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    Mick's application Empty Mick's application

    Post by Mick on Mon Jan 19, 2015 3:46 am

    Total level:
    GMT +1
    Highest skill:
    85 Fletching
    Lowest skill:
    Construction, 1. Getting it up in awhile though.
    Tell us about yourself:

    Hello guys, My name is Mick & I am 16 years old from Sweden.
    I have been playing osrs for a few months now (previously played rs for 7 years before i quit due to eoc).
    I've been searching for a skilling clan with a friendly community over the past weeks and now I think i finally found
    Apart from RuneScape I do play quite a bit of Counter strike: Global offensive & League of Legends.

    Why did you choose Dusk?
    Have you read the rules? Do you agree with them?
    Will you actively support the clan by attending events?
    I always attend events aslong as I'm not busy in real life. Events are one of the reasons I'm joining a clan!
    Will you be active on the forums & check at least a couple times per week?

    Yes sir!

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    Mick's application Empty Re: Mick's application

    Post by Thy42 on Mon Jan 19, 2015 3:50 am


    I'm happy to say you've been accepted into Dusk! Welcome. Very good application. I look forward to continuing to see you in CC!


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    Mick's application Thy42

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