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    Money Week #1


    Money Week #1 Empty Money Week #1

    Post by Guest on Fri Oct 10, 2014 5:47 pm

    Hey everyone, I've decided that for this week starting Sunday and it's all about money.
    This is how it's going to work.

    Starting Sunday, I'll be hosting a week about nothing but money making. The prize for this event will be 3 million gold
    Here are the rules.
    1: Post a Screenshot of your bank, showing most of your wealth, Gold items, etc. (This prevents scamming) Example: Money Week #1 MoneyWeek1_zps2d3f8bca
    2: Post updates on drops, or anything that shows a method you used for money (wcing, rcing, fishing etc) Example: Money Week #1 MoneyWeek2_zpsc25cf5a1
    3: Post what money you made (if you sold any items you earned)
    4: Have fun! This is a new week idea for when Skill of the Week's are down, so I'd be happy to hear some helpful thoughts or ideas from you all.
    At the end of this week, I'll calculate how much wealth was earned and I will name a winner on the forums, gold will be distributed to another admin to give to you, unless you're one of the night crew. (The people that play osrs between 12am-6am EST) This is to ensure that the winner receives their reward, because I'm usually not on for weekends.
    Again, this starts Sunday morning so make sure you enter.

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    Money Week #1 Empty Re: Money Week #1

    Post by Rock on Mon Oct 13, 2014 6:01 am

    Money Week #1 10-12-10

    My bank as of Sunday afternoon. All I will be doing when I'm on is fishing, as usual for the last few months. Currently doing monkfish, may end up switching to sharks at some point.

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