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    Dat Riven application


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    Dat Riven application Empty Dat Riven application

    Post by Sant0ryu on Thu Jun 12, 2014 7:46 pm

    Yo Smile

    Username: Dat Riven
    Total level: 976
    Timezone: CET
    Highest skill: 69 Woodcutting
    Lowest skill: 10 Hunting
    Tell us about yourself:
    I started playing Runescape on Halloween 2007. After a long break in 2009 I came back after 5 years. EoC bored me a bit so I decided to play OSRS very actively. You can call me "Can" Razz my IRL Name.
    Why did you choose Dusk? Playing alone is very boring. Most of my friends are playing EoC and I found your Clan on the Zybez forums (Very nice Introduction). I read the Introduction and the rules and so I decided joining your Clan.
    Have you read the rules? Do you agree with them? Yes and yes.
    Will you actively support the clan? Sure Smile
    Will you be active on the forums, check at least a couple times per week? Why not Wink

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