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    Clan Ranks


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    Clan Ranks Empty Clan Ranks

    Post by Sentai on Wed Apr 30, 2014 3:48 am

    At Dusk, we have a very simple ranking system to keep the community as tight-knit as possible. The ranks are as follows:

    New Member - Recruit Clan Ranks DnWsPab
    This is for people who have just joined Dusk. As you go through the next couple weeks, you will be at this rank. Think of this as a little trial.

    Active Member - Corporal Clan Ranks T0c4p4k
    After four weeks and the attendance of at least 1 clan event, you will be promoted to this rank. Congratulations for making it this far! We hope you can continue to stick around and stay a part of our community.

    Senior Member - Lieutenant Clan Ranks ZUJoG0G
    After six months & the attendance of at least at least five clan events, you will be considered a senior member. At this point, you have probably become quite well known within the chat, and we want that to be recognized. Congratulations for getting this far!

    Staff Member - Captain Clan Ranks 6TobjAQ
    You are considered a trusted member, and the administrators have recognized that you might be able to help watch over the clan chat and off-site forums. In the future, members can apply for this role and other staff members and administrators will be voting on who gets this role. This role has a lot of responsibilities, including arranging events, moderating the clan chat and dealing with issues within the clan. Use this power wisely.

    Administrators - General Clan Ranks 6dA20dj
    Administrators are the heads of the clan. They make and enforce rules, deal with stuff behind the scenes and keep the clan going. They are the highest rank.

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